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Wright Flyers Newsletter

Note: The newsletter is provided in Adobe PDF format. The files are large and may take considerable time to download depending on your Internet connection. Here are some OLD newsletters. Go to the Home Page to access recent newsletters.

September 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

August 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

July 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

June 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

May 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

April 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

March 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

February 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

January 2011 Newsletter CLICK HERE

October 2010 Newsletter CLICK HERE

September 2010 Newsletter CLICK HERE

Great job by Dave Klein !!


Some Cool Video links:    Links to previous videos featured in the "Feature of the Month" are provided below.

 March 2010 Feature - Video of an RS-71 Blackbird Flying Model with Jet Engines.  RS-71 Blackbird Flying Model

 Great 3D Video!!! Shows how to move your fingers

 A Virtual TV Camera on an R/C plane

 Amazing R/C airplane demo of Electric R/C Plane in a gym

Neat Electric 30 minuiteVideo of Electric R/C fun fly

Neat Flying in winter cold on a frozen Lake

3D Flying in a Full size real Airplane-this guy knows NO Fear!


To the Club members:

I have been updating the web site with copies of the monthly Newsletter, photographs of field activities and the Feature of the Month video. I will continue to provide my services as webmaster. I hope that more members visit the site in the future to make the site a useful tool. In the meantime you may contact me at my email address  .

I welcome your advise and comments to make this a useful web site.

Wright Flyers Webmaster,    Vic

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